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Sachin Tendulkar Film: India cricket legend to play himself

Sachin has been asked to perform at a slightly slower pace by award-winning British director James Erskine …

Rituals In The Russian Space Program

  Bypassing the route under ladders, searching for four-leaf clovers, and the one where sailors…

China’s Pearl River Delta To Merge 11 Cities

Nine cities of the Pearl River Delta region in China, plus select administrative zones of…

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Should India follow China?

The competition for Asian supremacy is a rich topic for debate …

Nirmalya Kumar: the Man Changing the Role of Marketing

Dr. Nirmalya Kumar has previously been a consultant, coach, and advisor with more…

Chinese Car Firm Unveils Range Rover Copy

A Chinese car manufacturer has unveiled a new vehicle with striking resemblance to the Range Rover Evoque

BRIC Headquarters

A day at the Salon: BRIC meets Brazil’s Biggest (and most beautiful) Bloggers

Last weekend, in the run up to London Fashion Week, the BRIC team hooked up…

Dinner With Alexander James

The charming and imminently handsome Alexander James invited Fiona Davidoff, Lady Alexandra Schedat, Lord Philipp…

London Boat Show 2015

As the official partners of the Dubai World Boat show in March, as well as the London Yacht, Jet and Motor show in April…


Introducing Brazil’s New Digital Marketing Hero

Everything is going digital these days and online video marketing is now a very…

Want To Know How To Succeed In Russia?

Making a success of your business in Russia may seem like a difficult…

The Swedish King of Indian Football

The reason they call it ‘the beautiful game’ is because all you need…

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The dance floor
Second Russian Charity Ball in London

The Second Russian Charitable Ball, took place on November 2 at Old Billingsgate Hall

Asian Cup Polo International Day

The 8th annual Asia Cup Polo International Day in Windsor

My Yacht Group Grand Prix 2014

My Yacht Group Grand Prix 2014

Gadets & Vehicles

Mi Note Smartphone: Why Xiaomi is still in Apple’s Shadow

Yesterday, Xiaomi revealed two new phablets which are less than half the price of their main rival …

MaxTelCom looks to boost Russian Internet Speed

Russian internet speed could blast into hyper-space in the new year …

Russia May Build Its Own Space Station

Russia aims to begin building its own space station within the next few years


Early 2015 Street Parade wow’s Rio ahead of Carnival

Only a few days into 2015 and Brazil is already showing the world how to party

“O Espaço Que Se Move” Exhibit Opens at Studio-X Rio

The exhibit “O Espaço Que Se Move” (The Space That Moves), opened on Tuesday …

Christie’s Second India Auction Nets $12 million

London-based auction house Christie’s has raised more than $12m …


Copacabana Beach: Zaha Hadid’s Latin American Vision

Could there be a better place to start designing than Copacabana beach? …

Rituals In The Russian Space Program

  Bypassing the route under ladders, searching for four-leaf clovers, and the one where sailors…

The Story of India

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Xi Jinping, Nicolas Maduro
Chinese Investment: $20Bn in Venezuela

China is to invest more than £13Bn in a bid to aid Venezuela …

BP and Rosneft ‘the surprise 2015 business venture’

BP is currently in talks with (Russian state-owned) Rosneft over a new deal …

‘From waste to gold’

A group of scientists in the Russian Far East have developed an experimental technology that can turn waste …

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